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Official Tariff Squad "Your Team" Rules

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Official Tariff Squad "Your Team" Rules Empty Official Tariff Squad "Your Team" Rules

Post by mr.snatchy Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:12 am

so poached and i were arguing about the rules of the game "your team." i decided that i wanted to get an "official" set of rules set, so as to put an end to all discrepancies. Here are some basic guidelines, lets add to it, make it our own and get it right. lol.

1. The purpose of Your Team is to find "interesting" people to place onto the teams of your friends.
2. There may be an infinite number of "Your Team's" called.
3. You are allowed only twi "My Team's" call per night.
4. The game of Your Team never stops.
5. A person can only be called "your team" or "my team" once, and the team leader has them for the night.
6. The person called onto someone's team must be in full view of each the caller and team leader.
7. A person who is obviously younger then 18 cannot be called.
8. A "your team" cannot be a member of the same sex as the team leader.
9. A car/bike can be a "your team" or "my team."

this just a start, lets add more!

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